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Behold the Goddesses

Client: The Queens Crown based in Hilversum Netherlands

Low budget + Imagination + Extra Time = 10 pretty alright photos ;) (if i say so myself!)

They commissioned me to create their brand identity, look book and website.  I was really excited by their amazing jewelry range. You will see different themes and texture as you walk from shelf to shelf in their shop.

So with the different themes we agreed that maybe each look could be matching for a particular god or goddess.  We came up with 10: Isis, Lakshmi, Venus, Mother Mary, Queen Nefertiti, Mother Earth, Buddha and the Kabuki were included. Ok Kabuki’s not really a god, more like a ghost, but still.. hey.. looks alright?

This photography set is a mix of hand illustrated and painted backgrounds as well as photographed and retouched models. All photogaphed in one day, painted over one week and retouched over a few more days. 

Hope you like it!

Please visit to see the whole set.

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